I’ve travelled quite a bit in the last few years, including a year in which I went round the world. In fact I’ve travelled so much that I recently achieved my ambition of filling my passport with visas and stamps, and had to get a new one. In due course I’ll tell you something about it, just don’t ask me to pick a favourite place!

In 2012 we began with a trip to Japan, where Ell and I travelled before I attended a conference at a hot spring resort. In the summer we had almost a week in the Philippines where we managed to pack a lot in. Then we left Korea taking the Transsiberian Express from Vladivostok to Moscow after arriving there by boat from Korea. After that we were pretty knackered but managed some time in exotic Balintore. New Year we spent in Warsaw.

2013 has been pretty quiet given our previous record, mainly since we’re still working out where we’ll be after the summer. Since seeing in the New Year in Warsaw, we’ve only managed the usual (home to Glasgow, business trip to Brussels) and one weekend in Budapest. We’ve hosted some visitors in Brno though and used that as an excuse to explore the town and the surrounding area a bit more too.

You can find my old travel blog here.

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