Times change

Well well well. So now I am no longer a physicist/mathematician/theorist/whatever I was. I am now a ‘Knowledge Engineer’ (pause for dramatic effect).

I think that sounds kind of cool, I know you may sneer and say it sounds like one of these modern made up titles, but it’s a real discipline with a history (it even has a wikipedia page). I work for Evi Technologies which is now part of Amazon. Our job is to give natural language answers to questions asked in natural language, and we hope to be able to answer any question in any language eventually, but for the time being a good place to start is simple questions like “What’s the capital of France?” and “What was Madonna’s first album?”. I’ll explain more later, for now I’ll just say we started out as a webpage and you can find the webpage here, but that hasn’t been updated for a long time so is not a good reflection of our abilities, much better is the app, which is available on the iOS app store, Android, and shortly, the Kindle store.

As for heading somewhere exotic, well that didn’t work out and I’ve ended up back in Cambridge which I guess is my second home, having spent second most time here in my life. Didn’t particularly aim to to come here, but it’s a centre for tech jobs in the UK and my linguistic skills are not yet good enough to get me to many other places. Ell very quickly got a nice job for an NGO in London which seems great, despite the commute and we have a nice peaceful flat which we have finally managed to furnish.

So, all good! For the last year I’ve been doing online courses and have managed to teach myself quite a bit of programming, but now I finally have a break I intend to tidy up this site a bit, but then again, I have umpteen other things I plan to do with my time, so we will see. Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “Times change

  1. Hi Dr. Copland,
    I’m a Phd student in string theory in the National University of Singapore. I emailed to your old sogang university address but later found you no longer stayed in academia, so this is the only place I found a chance to contact your.
    I’m reading your http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/JHEP04(2012)044 currently and have some questions. There’s no other researchers in DFT in my group, so I worked up the nerve to ask you. In doubled world-sheet formalism, since one doubles the scalars (or the map from worldsheet to target space), a chirality constraint needs to be applied to reduce the degrees of freedom back to the original sigma model. How did you apply this chirality constraint in your paper? I failed to find it… although now you already left string theory, you might still remember the answer, or you might know someone else who knows the answer. Really hope you have time to read this comment and reply me via your current email address.
    Thank you!

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