Knowledge Engineer and former Theoretical Physicist from Glasgow, now living and working in Cambridge.


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  • Online learning: I’ve recently taken several online courses to improve my knowledge especially in programming. I completed:
  • Sport: while at Trinity College, I enjoyed rowing for first and third trinity boat club (getting blades twice (one of those by bumping 4 first boats) and spoons only once) and played for one of the lower teams of the Badminton Club. I also enjoyed playing football (not with any great competence). Sadly these days I’m still rehabilitating my leg after I had most of my fibula and some of my tibia removed and my knee joint replaced after being diagnosed with Osteosarcoma back in 2008 but try to keep fit.
  • Music: I play the piano (I have my ABRSM grade VIII), guitar and even the bagpipes, I used to play a bit of double bass as well, back in the day. I occasionally performed in some very strange combos (though thankfully I don’t seem to appear much in the photos).
  • Langauges: after being embarrassed by my lack of languages when travelling round the world (people from the Netherlands or Sweden would translate Spanish into English for me then say that I must be so smart because I did Physics!) I’ve been making an effort to improve.
    • Czech: I’ve been taking courses at the Department of Czech for Foreigners at Masaryk University. Last semester I completed level MP1 (lower intermediate) and got an A in grammar.
    • Dutch: While I was in Brussels I studied Dutch at CVO-KHNB successfully completing level 2.2.
    • Trying to improve my French as well, as that was the only language I did any amount of in school, intermediate level.
    • At some point have had a basic knowledge of Spanish, German and Korean, but they’re largely forgotten.
  • Writing: occasionally I try to write things. I even won the Charles Grant Tenant prize for light verse while I was in Trinity.