Czech Language Resources

Since I am engaged to a Czech, and even lived there for a while, I have been learning Czech for a few years now, so I thought I would gather here some resources for learning Czech.

  • I find Memrise useful for learning words (despite it being ruined for a while due to updating to an awful beta).  I created some Czech courses which you can find here.
  • Český blog pro cizince is written by a czech teacher for her students and anyone else who might be interested. Useful articles on a variety of topics with vocabulary, around the lower intermediate level.
  • Try Connectors starter pack for keeping the conversation flowing.
  • Here are some recordings of simple news in Czech. Unfortunately they’re not so long and there’s not so many of them.
  • For a bit more fun you can try tongue twisters or the special genre of “rude national songs” (Sprostonárodní Písně), for example here.
  • Of course the main reason to learn Czech is to be able to sing ‘Jožin z bažin’ in the original language.
  • I find this fluent in 3 months blog fairly interesting, and I should follow the advice and speak more.
  • I’m working on a online Czech grammar testing app and the first version is available here: Check my Czech!
  • In Brno there was a Czech for Foreigners facebook group which arranges regular meetings where you can practice your Czech with native speakers. I’m sure there are similar things in Prague.